The Canadian School of Body Piercing

Address 1
318 Ontario St., 7B
St. Catharines, ON L2R 5L8 
(905) 988-1818
Contact Person
Johnny Tischler, Head Instructor
Accredited By
Inspected By: The Niagara Regional Board of Health 
Year Founded
Average Class Size
Enrolment #s
Degrees / Certificates / Licenses Offered
Diplomas/ Certificate
Entrance Requirements
Grade 11 or mature student 
Tuition Fees
12 week - Theory and Practical $2000 + H.S.T.
 Bloodborne Pathogen Training - $200 + H.S.T.
Language of Operation
Academic Year
4 courses held annually; Jan. to Mar., Apr. to June, July to Sept., Oct. to Dec.

The Canadian School of Body Piercing uses proven methods of instruction and hands-on practical training. This allows all interested students and graduates to learn everything to exceed industry standards. Our courses offer the most comprehensive training in the industry of Body Modification. The curriculum is based on the most modern North American and European techniques while emphasizing the highest standards in our student classroom and studio. We offer 2 certificate courses, including Bloodborne Pathogen Training.

We are a 12-week course that covers everything. We are not just a weekend course that offers you at best 24 hours of training. We offer 78 hours of training over 12 weeks, 6 weeks of theory and practical training and then 6 weeks of practical piercing on real piercee’s. The absolute best thing about our course is that it is a Learn and Earn course. What does this mean? Once we enter weeks 7 through 11 you will be piercing 4 people per week under the direct supervision of the piercing instructor. We reduce piercings prices to $30 + H.S.T. per piercing and you will receive piercers cut for every piercing you perform in the course.4 piercings per week over 5 weeks is 20 piercings in total. The cut rate for a single piercing is 40% of the piercing so $12 per piercing. 20 times 12 equals $240 per student. Paid to each student at the end of the test in week 12. One successful piercing is required of each listed piercing so there is a possibility that you could do less than 20 piercing. You will be paid in full for the total number of completed piercing. Our course is the only Learn and Earn piercing course so you will start making back your register fee before the course is even over. We also assist student with placement after the completion of the course. Contact us today, by phone or online.  


Apprenticeship, correspondence, co-op, placement assistance available.