Systems Beauty College

Address 1
Unit C - 763 13th St.
Postal/Zip Code
R7A 4R6
(204) 728-8843
Degrees / Certificates / Licenses Offered
Hairstyling, Nail Technology. We offer a one of a kind accredited online Hairstyling Program. You attend on campus 2 months of your 12 month program. Check us out on Facebook & Instagram.
Academic Year
We start students the first Monday of most months. Programs can begin anytime. Programs are tailored to meet individual learning styles.

In School & Online courses in Hairstyling: Haircuts, Colours & Perms, Highlights(cap&foil). In school courses in Nail Technology: Manicures & Pedicures, Gels & Acrylics. Large client base to practice your skills. Our graduate employment success rate is higher than average.


Government grants and rebates may be available