South Edmonton School of Massage Therapy

Address 1
Tawa Physical Therapy Clinic: Suite 220, 6203 - 28th Ave. N.W., Edmonton, AB T6L 6K3
(780) 450-0720
(780) 462-2098
Accredited By
We are one of two schools in Alberta that has attained Preliminary Accreditation with the Canadian Massage Therapy Council for Accreditation (CMTCA)
Degrees / Certificates / Licenses Offered
We are excited to offer our full time program for both the Massage Therapy Level I (1000hrs) and the Massage Therapy Level II (1200hrs).
Entrance Requirements
Regular Admission: Applicants must have an Alberta high school diploma (or equivalent) and have a minimum grade of 50 percent in either Chemistry 30, Biology 30 or Science 30 (provide transcripts). successfully complete an abbreviated IQ test during the interview process. See website for full details.
Tuition Fees
$7000 basic tuition + an estimated $500 books/supplies - see website

Our full time program is laid out to accommodate distance learning, requiring students to attend classes only one weekend per month from September until June. Students must complete home study and projects between classes at approximately 25 hours per week. This makes the program very attractive to those who have family or work obligations during the week, or for those who live out of Edmonton and do not wish to relocate for school. Our program is fully licensed and accredited with the Private Career Colleges Branch of Alberta, the Massage Therapy Associations of Alberta and Saskatchewan (MTAA, MTAS) as well as the National Health Practitioners of Canada Association (NHPC).

South Edmonton School of Massage Therapy curriculum meets the Canadian Inter-Jurisdictional standards, so graduates can work anywhere in Canada.