Skeena Technical School

Address 1
4643 Park, Terrace, BC, V8G 1V8
(778) 634-3293
Degrees / Certificates / Licenses Offered
Courses: Full 4th Class TSBC accredited and PTIB certified power engineering course. Full 3rd Class TSBC certified power engineering course.
Entrance Requirements
Minimum grade 12 successful graduation or equivalent.

Skeena Technical School gives you “hands-on” experience.  We
are the only Private Power Engineering School in British Columbia that
is both Technical Safety British Columbia (TSBC) boilers branch
accredited and Private Technical Instituion Branch (PTIB) certified.
We offer a power engineering course with combined 1000 hours of
practical work experience or “firing time” to allow our students to
write and pass their TSBC certification as a 4th Class Power Engineer.
Students at Skeena Technical will alternate classroom time with
laboratory and practical work experience over a 50 week course.
The founders and lecturers of Skeena Technical School are qualified
power engineers and industry experts. Throw in a touch of HR and
recruitment experience and the combined expertise gives an
organisation who knows how to get students qualified, certified and
ready for work.