School of Photography

Address 1
P.O. Box 58042, 770 Lawrence Ave. W. North York, ON M6A 3C8
(416) 783-6359
Degrees / Certificates / Licenses Offered
We have general classes on photography, printer, lighting, Photoshop and more. Classes can range from 4 week class (2 hours, one day a week) or 2 Half Day classes (4 hours each class - DSLR Class only)

The school is dedicated in helping our students to truly understand their camera, equipment, lighting and how to take better pictures. We strive in educating our students in being able to see the different styles of photography. We also offer classes to help our students edit and enhance their images. The School of Photography offer Classes, Workshops, Field Trips and also On-on-One learning, that are all taught by award winning Photographer Peter Gatt.