Rosebud School of the Arts (RSA)

Address 1
Box 654 Rosebud, AB, T0J 2T0
(403) 677-2350
(403) 677-2390
Average Class Size
Enrolment #s
Entrance Requirements
High School Diploma, RSA Weekend, Talent Assessment, Interview

Our mission is to provide arts training within a community of
faith-based artists where students are inspired to become catalysts
for transformation in our world. We prepare students for careers in
the theatre industry through rigorous training, personalized
mentoring, and practical application
Programs: Certificate in Theatre Foundations (one year). Diploma in
Acting, Theatre Arts, Music Performance, or Technical Theatre (2
years). Professional training (4 years).
Features: Study Trips to Canada’s West Coast, New York City, and
London, England. Small class sizes. Rural setting. Apprenticeship
opportunities with Rosebud Theatre.
Post-secondary theatre training combining rigorous
instruction and practical application in a Christian environment.

Bursaries,  Scholarships, Performance Awards Available