Queen’s College of Business, Technology & Public Safety

Address 1
121 Brunel Rd. Mississauga, ON L4Z 3E9
Address 2
205 - 100 Cowdray Crt. Scarborough, ON M1S 1A1
(905) 890-7833 / (416) 480-1545
Toll Free
(905) 507-1195
Year Founded
Degrees / Certificates / Licenses Offered
• Business • Technology • Computer • Safety • Police Training
Entrance Requirements
High School Graduates

Queen’s College of Business, Technology and Public Safety is committed to providing students with a rich and rewarding experience. Established in 1986 and registered as a private college under Ontario’s Private Career Colleges Act in 2005, we are proud members of the National Association of Career Colleges (NACC) and Career Colleges Ontario (CCO).

Our designated learning institution (DLI) number is #0119539592517, and we welcome international students.

Whether you are a recent high school graduate eager to begin your post-secondary training, or a mature student seeking a career change, at Queen’s College, we are committed to providing you with an environment that encourages growth, independence, and confidence.

Queen’s College has expanded into two campuses in Mississauga and Scarborough, where we offer the following programs:

Programs Offered at Queen’s College of Business, Technology and Public Safety in Mississauga

• Web Development

• Business Analyst

• Computer Networking & Security

• Executive Administrator (Internship/Placement)

• Honour Business administration (Internship/Placement)

• Officer Administrator (Internship/Placement)

• Police Foundations

• Supply Chain Management (Internship/Placement)

Programs Offered at the Scarborough Campus


• Administrative Assistant

Certificates Offered at Queen’s College of Business, Technology and Public Safety

• Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

• CCNA Security

• CCNA Cyber Security Operations

• CompTIA Security+

• Cyber Security Essentials

• Executive Administrator

• Introduction to Cyber Security

• Introduction to IoT

• IoT Fundaments: Connecting Things

• IoT fundaments: Big Data & Analytics

• I.T. Essentials

• LTE Fundamentals

• Security Management

• Networking

Queens’s College offers several programs to develop your career path, focusing on practical learning. Job search assistance is provided to graduates. Our Co-op and Careers department maintains an updated list of jobs, co-ops, and placement opportunities.

Financial assistance is available for those who qualify.

From our friendly staff to knowledgeable Queen’s College instructors, we are ready to guide you in every aspect of your education. Enroll with Queen’s College today in a leading-edge training program that will upgrade your skills and help you find employment in this ever-changing economy!