Ottawa School of Art École d’art d’Ottawa

Address 1
35 George St.
Postal/Zip Code
K1N 8W5
(613) 241-7471
(613) 241-4391
Year Founded
Language of Operation
English/French (where possible)
Academic Year
Sept. - May

The Ottawa School of Art is an educational center for the visual arts providing the community with the opportunity for creative expression, development and growth based on an orderly progression of knowledge and skills, within a well-defined program. The Ottawa School of Art offers high quality instruction to all levels through direct involvement with professional artists. Today the Ottawa School of Art offers a full range of specialized art courses including life drawing, painting, photography, ceramics, sculpture, lithography, etching, and printmaking.

Scholarships, and mentorships are available to Certificates/ Diploma students. OSA offers a one-year full-time Portfolio Development program and a three-year full-time Diploma program. Part time study is available, email to inquire about our credit programs.

OSA has an additional Campus at 245 Centrum Blvd. Orleans, ON K1E 0A1. Contact for our second location: or visit to find out more about the Ottawa School of Art Orleans.