Northwest Law Enforcement Academy

Address 1
200 - 1821 Wellington Ave. Winnipeg, MB, R3H 0G4
(204) 953-8300
(204) 953-8309
Degrees / Certificates / Licenses Offered
Diploma in Law, Protection and Safety

Established in 2001 by Herb Stephen, retired Chief of Police for Winnipeg Police Service, the Northwest Law Enforcement Academy is designed to provide training for people interested in a career in law enforcement.

As a registered post-secondary educational institution, the Academy offers an accelerated one-year diploma program – roughly equivalent to two and a half years of post-secondary education.  Student courses include topics such as Criminal Investigations, Criminal Law, Criminology and Restorative Justice, Police Procedures, Report Writing, Major Crimes, Organized Crime, Crime Prevention, Interrogation and Interviewing, Crime Scene Management.  Practical training includes Firearms Safety, Police Defensive Tactics, Officer Safety, Practical Incident Scenarios, Police Panel Mock Interviews, and Fitness training.  Other courses such as Indigenous Awareness, Diversity and Inclusion and Non-Violent Crisis Management are also a part of the curriculum.  All courses are in person training with remote options if necessary.

Our instructors are serving or retired from various Law Enforcement agencies with over 350 years of collective experience and are experts in their field of instruction.

Your tuition includes all courses, a school uniform, all required text books and binders, and free parking.  Post-graduation NW offers continued support during your hiring process.