Living Word Ministries

Address 1
319 Centennial Dr S, Swan River, MB R0L 1Z0
Degrees / Certificates / Licenses Offered
Bible Courses: Intro to the Bible, Pentateuch, Historical Books, Minor Prophets, Major Prophets, Gospels, Acts, Pastoral Epistles, Revelation, Genesis & Creation ​ Elective Courses: Christian Ministry, Youth Ministry, Biblical Leadership & Governance, Foundations of Biblical Worship, Missions, Biblical Interpretation, Camp Ministry, & Homiletics

Living Word Bible College focuses on people who are wanting to get a full year of Bible training after high school or before college.  Over the course of the academic year you will join other students in studying the entirety of the Bible while also taking practical ministry courses in the areas of missions, theology, and leadership.  At the end of the year students have the option to either go on a missions trip, work at summer camp, or get involved in a local church.  Whether you are wanting to go on to formal ministry or create a stronger foundation for your faith a discipleship school is a good starting place