Liaison College

Address 1
350 Rutherford Road South, Brampton, ON L6W 3M2
Year Founded


Liaison College is a private career college whose roots are founded in the Culinary Arts training.

The chef training programs are meticulously designed by professionals in the hospitality industry, to provide students with the skills they need in today’s demanding restaurant and food services operations.

The success of the students of Liaison comes from outstanding instructions, personal attention, and commitment to excellence. Some of the absolute advantages of learning at Liaison college are small class sizes, dedicated, passionate and internationally trained Chefs and Business instructors, a delicate blend of theory and hands-on professional training etc.
Our students have another comparative advantage of studying in a heterogeneous learning environment where local and international students share their passion for subjects by celebrating diversity and amalgamating different cultures, which is very important for the world industry landscape.

Liaison College will provide you with the training you need to launch your career in as little as four months.
Culinary Arts Diploma Programs

• Cook Basic – Level 1 Program
• Cook Advanced – Level 2 Program
• Hospitality Administration
• Personal Chef Diploma
• Chef De Cuisine
• Culinary Management
• Specialist Chef
• Culinary and Hospitality Operations Management