HeLa Ventures Mountain Adventure School

Address 1
Site 147, Comp 12, RR4 Rocky Mountain House, AB T4T 2A4
(403) 845-4325

HeLa Ventures Adventure Education Centre and Edmonton’s Progressive Academy have collaborated to develop Mountain Adventure School for Alberta high school students. Mountain Adventure School provides students from grade 10-12 with the opportunity to earn up to eleven Alberta high school credits in the beautiful Rocky Mountains during the summer. The credits consist of CALM, Physical Education and a variety of CTS credits. With professional teachers accompanied by river and mountain guides, students will be able to participate in an amazing fourteen day outdoor educational experience. The program is delivered by a caring team of professionals who promote a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and outdoor fitness. Students will experience whitewater canoeing and rafting, lake canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, rappelling, wilderness living and more. There is no better way to accomplish summer high school credits in Alberta!