COSMETICS ALLIANCE CANADA Beauty Specialist Certification Program (BSCP)

Address 1
Online Training
(905) 890-5161
Toll Free
Contact Person
Diane Kozak, Manager
Degrees / Certificates / Licenses Offered
Certificate for completion of all three courses
Tuition Fees
$60 per course - Student Pricing available

The Beauty Specialist Certification Program (BSCP) is an online interactive & user friendly
Sector-Recognized Certification Program.
It was created by Cosmetics Alliance Canada and its member companies.
It ensures that Beauty Specialists, Make-up Artists, Hair Stylists,
Estheticians, Cosmetics Managers, Trainers, Educators and Regulatory &
Industry staff have the most accurate information on the regulation
and safety of products to serve their customers with confidence.
Courses include:
Product Safety
Science of Cosmetics
Fragrance & Sensitivity