Centennial Flight Centre Inc.

Address 1
Building Hangar 42, Villeneuve Airport, Sturgeon County, AB. T8T 0E3
Entrance Requirements
Private Pilots License:Transport Canada requires the candidate: to be a minimum of 17 years of age (16 years for Student Permit) to hold a Category 3 medical (If continuing to a Commercial Licence, a Category 1 medical should be obtained) to be a Canadian citizen, landed immigrant, or person lawfully admitted to Canada for flight training to have acquired a minimum of 40 hours of ground training, and 45 hours of flight training broken down as follows: minimum 17 hours dual instruction minimum 12 hours solo practice combination of dual and solo to attain flight test standards

Centennial Flight Centre Inc has been training the aviation’s next best pilot since 1967. We believe we can redefine the aviation industry from a training perspective. Our Team is committed to ensuring our students achieve their aviation dreams in a cost-effective and timely manner. We are passionate about addressing the critical world pilot shortage, one student at a time.

We are creating a very intentional learning environment at Centennial. Through a consistent and continually evolving curriculum and the addition of innovative technology; we provide our students with the knowledge and proven skills to be the best pilots they can be.

We are building relationships with employers to provide graduates that fit their business model and receive valuable feedback that influences the evolution of our training programs. We know we are doing something right because our partnering employers keep asking for more graduate referrals and our graduates are providing feedback that they are prepared and successful as they start their first aviation jobs.

Centennial Flight Centre offers training starting with Private Pilots License, Commercial Pilots License, Multi & IFR Training, and Instructor Rating to allow each student to start and finish all their training with Centennial Flight Centre. We also have an in-house Transport Canada Invigilator and Flight Test Examiner.

To make things a little easier for our students, Centennial Flight Centre is an approved training institute from Alberta Student Aid and Veteran Affairs Canada to help with Student Aid Funding at the CPL level.

Centennial Flight Centre is now offering in-class and virtual instructors for our new and approved ground school for PPL & CPL training. This allows our students to learn in the environment they are most comfortable with and the ability to still interact with our class and instructors. These classes run 2 evenings a week either on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.

Flight training consists of 5 phases.

Essential training to the first solo level. This is all dual (flying with your instructor) and is followed by three hours of solo practice (under supervision).
Advanced flight training involved advanced techniques for forced approaches and speciality by three hours of solo practice.
Navigation involving dual (flying with your instructor) and solo cross-country flights with no less than 3 hours dual and 5 hours solo.
An introduction to instrument flying.
Preparation for the flight test: dual (flying with your instructor) and solo (under supervision) as required by the student to reach a level of proficiency necessary to pass the flight test.