Centennial Flight Centre Inc.

Address 1
Building Hangar 42, Villeneuve Airport, Sturgeon County, AB. T8T 0E3
Entrance Requirements
Private Pilots License:Transport Canada requires the candidate: to be a minimum of 17 years of age (16 years for Student Permit) to hold a Category 3 medical (If continuing to a Commercial Licence, a Category 1 medical should be obtained) to be a Canadian citizen, landed immigrant, or person lawfully admitted to Canada for flight training to have acquired a minimum of 40 hours of ground training, and 45 hours of flight training broken down as follows: minimum 17 hours dual instruction minimum 12 hours solo practice combination of dual and solo to attain flight test standards

• Private Pilot License

• Commercial Pilot License

• Night Rating

• VFR Over the Top Rating

• Multi-Engine Rating • Group 1 and Group 3 Instrument (IFR) Rating

• Mountain Checkout

• PPl and CPL Ground Schools