Canadian College of Osteopathy

Address 1
150 Bridgeland, Ste. 102 Toronto, ON M6A 1Z5
(416) 597-0367
Toll Free
(416) 597-9919
Contact Person
Matthieu Masse, Registrar
Average Class Size
Degrees / Certificates / Licenses Offered
Health Professional Degrees
Tuition Fees
Language of Operation
Academic Year
4 years

The mission of Canadian College of Osteopathy is to provide high quality education to qualified students who wish to enter the field of Traditional Osteopathy. Under the guidance of the College’s founder the students of CCO receive a well-rounded academic education in Traditional Osteopathy through small class sizes, personal attention and a progressive curriculum.

Apprenticeships available.

Additional Campuses: Montreal, Vancouver, Halifax, Quebec, Winnipeg.