Calgary College of Dental Health

Address 1
370, 5222 130th Ave. S.E. Calgary, AB T2Z 0G4
(825) 945-2234
(403) 264-7661
Contact Person
Melissa J. Parcels, RDH, Owner / Director
Members Of
National Association of Career Colleges, Alberta Association of Career Colleges.
Accredited By
Alberta Advanced Education
Year Founded
Entrance Requirements
High School Diploma or equivalent / mature student test
Tuition Fees
Language of Operation
Academic Year
16 week program + practicum

CCDH proudly offers Instructor assisted, self directed programs for everyone including the dental professional. Our college offers Dental Office Administration, Dental Treatment Planning, Dental Sterilization, Dental Foundations, Dental Admin Refresh and Dental Office Management. Each are different in requirements, course length and tuition. Visit website for more details.
Our programs are delivered through advanced online platforms with one-on-one instructor times, progress interviews and a team of experienced dental professionals assisting the students learning journey.

Grants, Scholarships, Loans, Correspondence, Co-op, Placement Assistance, are all available