Boilermakers Lodge 146 Apprenticeship Administration Agency

Address 1
15220 - 114 Avenue Edmonton, AB T5M 2Z2
(780) 451-5992
(780) 451-3927
Contact Person
Tanya MacLeod, Pre-Apprenticeship and Safety
Members Of
International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Lodge 146
Average Class Size
Degrees / Certificates / Licenses Offered
Alberta Journeyman Trade Certificate with Red Seal Endorsement
Entrance Requirements
Attendance to the Apprentice Recruitment Seminar (High School Diploma or Equivalent Preferred). Reimbursement upon meeting requirements.
Language of Operation
Academic Year
3 x 8 weeks. 3 Years on the job - 24 weeks in technical training

All Canadians benefit from the work of the Boilermaker and Welder trades. Advanced Boilermaker technologies are critical in the construction and operation of most industrial plants and power generating facilities. The work of our Boilermakers and Welders has helped to provide many of the conveniences that we rely on in our daily lives. Boilermakers build large tanks, heavy pipe-work and pressure vessels for power plants, refineries, pulp mills and chemical manufacturers. They assemble, erect, and maintain boilers, tanks, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pollution control systems, furnaces, condensers and process towers. In order to do these tasks, Boilermakers can often be found using hoists, rigging, cutting and welding equipment along with tools and hardware as specified by drawings and project goals. A Boilermaker member is someone who is a team player, committed to safety, reliable, physically fit, has the perseverance to complete a job and has the patience to get it done right. Boilermakers must have the ability to receive and follow instructions, be comfortable working as part of a team. Boilermakers are often expected to work in cramped, uncomfortable positions and at great heights in inclement weather; as such a positive attitude is a must. Boilermakers have a long and colourful history and we are always looking to the future to provide the best opportunities for our members.


Additional Campuses: Boilermaker – NAIT Souch Campus Edmonton. Welding – Various Campuses throughout Alberta.


Grants, Scholarships, Loans, Online Training, Apprenticeships are all available.