Body Blueprint Fitness Education Inc.

Address 1
987 McBriar Avenue, Victoria BC V8X 3M3
(778) 433-8884
Contact Person
Christina Truscott - Director
Members Of
BCRPA, Canfitpro,
Accredited By
BCRPA, Canfitpro, Accredited by: BCRPA, ACE, canfitpro, AFLCA, MFC, CMTBC, MTAS, CMTNL, and BC high schools
Year Founded
Enrolment #s
24 or less and ON-LINE courses
Tuition Fees
Under $1000
Language of Operation

Become a  Group or Aqua Fitness Instructor, Weight Room
Attendant or Personal Trainer!
“Educating Fitness Pros since 1986”
Body Blueprint teaches educational, comprehensive and enjoyable
courses to help you become a fitness trainer. In a few short weeks we
teach you every aspect of becoming a fitness instructor or personal
We have almost 40 years experience in training fitness professionals,
like you. You are more than just a “student number” with BBP, and we
truly care about your learning process. We make sure you are
understanding the material you are learning and fully prepare you for
the provincial exams. If you need extra help, we are here to help you.
Whether you have lots of experience or are new to fitness, Body
Blueprint will help you to excel!

Grants Available with GT Hiring Solutions, Triumph Vocational
Services, unemploy- ment services

ONLINE and In-Class courses and work- shops

Placement Assistance available.