Bay College of Health, Business and Technology

Address 1
1110 Sheppard Avenue, East, Suite 208 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M2K 2W2
Address 2
Bay College – British Columbia 997 Seymour Street, Unit 250 Vancouver BC Canada V6B 3M1
(416) 800-8281 In BC: (604) 800-0161

Bay College specializes in nursing health care programs that prepare educated health care professionals for work in Canada by preparing them for the Canadian RN Examination or Canadian RPN Examination. Furthermore, the school offers a Personal Support Worker ( PSW ) program.

Registered as a Private Career College under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.


–NCLEX – RN exam prep course

–CPNRE RPN/LPN CNO PN exam prep course

-Personal Support Worker (PSW) course (28 weeks)

-Personal Support Worker (PSW) Bridging course (12 weeks)

-Early Childhood Assistant (ECA) 8 months