Address 1
675335 Hurontario St.
Postal/Zip Code
L9V 0Z9
Degrees / Certificates / Licenses Offered
Certificates Granted: Certified Myomassology (the
Entrance Requirements
Minimum 18 years of age and a High School Diploma or equivalent (mature student). A transcript of marks from high school; or the last post-secondary school attended.

We take training to another level at Aromatica by immersing you in weekend and 7 day ‘intensives’ at our 10 acre retreat-style learning centre located in the rolling hills of Hockley Valley just 55 minutes north of Toronto. This natural setting and quiet, meditative location with its kilometres of trails and labyrinth allows you to focus on your studies … away from the stress and strain of modern life. Class instruction is devoted 100% to ‘hands-on’ training and skills development. Aromatica has been a Certified Institution through Employment and Social Development Canada since 1997.