Alberta Carpenters Training Centre

Address 1
locations in Calgary, Edmonton (main) and Ft. McMurray
Address 2
Suite 176, 15210- 123 Ave
Postal/Zip Code
(780) 455-6532
Toll Free
(780) 451-0526

The Alberta Carpenters Training Centres (ACTC) are affiliated with the Alberta Regional Council of Carpenters and Allied Workers, and the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners. We currently offer Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training recognized Period One and Period Two Carpentry programs at our Edmonton location. We also offer certification programs in scaffold erection and dismantling, as well as various safety and trade related courses, such as Blueprint Reading, Door Hardware installation, Hoisting and Rigging, Forklift Operator, amongst many others in all three of our centres. Our dedication to professional training and completion of apprenticeships continues as we grow our offerings and facilities. We have trained thousand of workers in Alberta for the needs of our industry partners, and plan on training thousands more to meet all future demands in the Alberta markets and elsewhere. We are also affiliated with over 250 Training centres across North America, and continue to invest hundreds of millions of dollars into our programs North America wide. For more information on an exciting and dynamic career in Carpentry and its Allied construction trades, please contact the Director of Training and Apprenticeship at 780-454-6699. You can also send a contact email through our website, . You can also research and click on Trade Training for more information!