Canadian School of Colon Hydrotherapy

Address 1
2351 Kennedy Rd., Unit 126, Scarborough, ON M1T 3G9
(416) 291-4437
Degrees / Certificates / Licenses Offered
Colon Hydrotherapy Certification Course, Digestive Care Advisor Program
Academic Year
1-5 Days

Preparing you for a career in Colon Hydrotherapy. “The Canadian School of Colon Hydrotherapy” lead by Mary Taylor, trained and certified since 2011, will prepare you to specialize in the study and practice of colon therapy. You can get more information on the Colonic Course here: Colonic Hydrotherapy consists of more than simply flushing the bowel. It involves a thorough, individual assessment and evaluation of the client’s symptoms, taking into account diet and environmental influences. Based on this information, the appropriate therapeutic procedures are discussed and executed. The goal of the therapy is to bring about efficient elimination of waste and the restoration of tissue and organ function. Recommendations are given, and clients learn to be responsible for their own health.

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