Academy of Professional First Nations Mechanics

Address 1
1045 Macklem Dr.
Postal/Zip Code
S7L 4R7
(306) 382-8622 CELL (306) 261-1023
(306) 931-6666
Contact Person
Contact: Mr. Rene Chartrand
Entrance Requirements
At least 18 years of age and complete Grade 10 or GED 12.
Academic Year
100 weeks and/ or 2 years.

Apprenticeship: This program is designed to prepare learners, regardless of gender for
success in the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship Training Process. Learners may
qualify for time credit in this Program.

Sponsorship: Metis and First Nation people may apply for sponsorship at their Band Level or Tribal Council Post-Secondary Education Coordinator or online to the ASETS Training Program.

Activity: Our objective is to assist Metis and First Nation people to enter the professional trades of “Automotive Service Technology” and “Heavy Equipment Mechanics”. By providing practical and technical knowledge both classroom lectures and workshop experiences to enable graduates to enter the job market at higher salary ranges.

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