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What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Its a question I've asked my children a hundred times. And a question my parents asked of me. Its a favourite play-time question for children everywhere, and the beginning of many games of make believe. But for High School students or those needing career re-training, its not a play-time question at all, but rather a question they must ask themselves every day. For these people the question isn't 'what do I want to be when I grow up', but rather 'what do I want to be now that I am grown up.' Its time to get serious. Its time to prepare for life.

When I was faced with that question 20 odd years ago, I knew the answer. I wanted to work in International Development. But I had a problem. No teachers, no counsellors, just plain nobody, could tell me where to get the education I needed to prepare me for my career choice. But how could they, there were no sources of information on all the training opportunities this country had to offer. So I settled. I went to University. I studied what I could, and ended up in the publishing field. While it wasn't my desired career path, it has given me an opportunity - to provide the information I, and my teachers and counsellors needed 20 years ago.

This book is a first. In all these years nobody else has produced a guide to cover Vocational Schools, Career Colleges, Union Training Programs, Association Training Programs, Professional Designation Programs, Apprenticeships, and International Study programs. When I was in High School and University I didn't even know these places existed. But here they are, providing you with hundreds of potential career paths you might not have known you could follow.

So have a look. Find a few places that might offer you the type of training that meets your interests. Then talk it over with your teachers, counsellors, family - they have the experience and expertise that can help you make the right decision. And by all means contact these places. While we tried our best to describe these places thoroughly, this book doesn't tell you everything - is the campus attractive?, are they financially sound?, is their a good student social life? Their inclusion does not imply our endorsement. These organizations have been included to help you choose your path - it could lead somewhere wonderful.

Stephen Froom,

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